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Why are they so important?

The best way to learn how to sit an exam, is to practice taking the exam!

We cannot stress enough how invaluable the experience of sitting a Mock Exam is for your child. It demystifies the whole experience, they will know what to expect, and in turn feel confident and ready to sit the real exam.

We provide unrivalled, top-class Mock Exams. They are not past papers, they are unique, bespoke, original exams papers that the children cannot have seen before. They are tailored to be in the exact format of the CSSE or CEM exam. 

This is particularly important with the CEM exam. The format of the exam is unusual, with CD instructions and an electronically read multiple choice answer sheet. This can be confusing if the child is not made familiar with it. You cannot access past papers for the CEM, therefore to gain practice elsewhere is very difficult, but with our expert knowledge and bespoke Mock Exams, your child will be very well prepared. 

Remember - to fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail.

The children who succeed in the 11+  will be the best prepared!

Please click the link below to see what Mock Exams we have planned and book up today!

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