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It was a daring mission even for her considering being 'out of catchment' but thanks to Totus this was made possible. All the courses were fantastic and the mocks (a must for any student no matter how clever) were invaluable. As a result, she went into both papers full of confidence - she went into the exams with a confident smile and came out with a cheeky smile - knowing she'd done well.

I have no hesitation in recommending Totus to any parent. 

Parent - 2020

The workshops, Problem Solving Days and Mocks are second to none in getting 'ahead of the rest'. I can honestly say that both my daughters could not have been better prepared for their 11+ tests by going to Totus and I can not speak highly enough of what they do.  I remember one of them actually cheering when I told them they were going to a PSD!

JACKIE - 2018

What would we have done without you! Isobel is on cloud nine right now and we have no doubt that all the hard work and effort you put in with her has allowed her to achieve the place she wanted. Thank you and see you next year for her brother!

Marinda - 2015

I really appreciate what you have done. I feel confident that I've done well, due to your help. I can't imagine how nervous I would be without your techniques. I finished all 3 tests and still had time to check thanks to your timing. Thanks again!

Matthew - 2015

My wife and I are very grateful for the passion you put into teaching Tom, your honesty and when needed your encouragement. I have no doubt that Tom is a bright boy, I also have no doubt that the value you added got him his place at KEGS. Possibly the best money we have ever spent!

Anon - 2014

Once again, thank you for tutoring me this year. I have learnt so many new things. I gave the examiners what they wanted!

Sanjana - 2013

Thank you for helping me to successfully get into CCHS. I really appreciate your help. I am incredibly pleased with my ranking in the school, and I wish you the best of luck with your future pupils.

Priya - 2013

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for her. Not just in terms of tomorrow but the life skills that you have provided her with and the resilience she has learnt.

ANON - 2017

Thanks also for giving Rosie and Rory the tools they needed for a brilliant start at senior school and, just as importantly, introducing them to lots of friends too.

ANON - 2017


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