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The Totus Assessment provides information you simply do not get from a 10 minute parents' evening: it provides personalised information that every student and parent need to make the right decisions on their child's schooling and development.

The Totus Assessment is particularly useful for families with 11+ ambitions. Following our diagnostic assessment, you will have a debrief session with the assessor and learn about your child’s areas of strength and weakness.


Specifically, the Totus Assessment enables us to do 2 things:

Identify your child's current strengths and areas for improvement

Indexed against their peers and the key skills required for entrance to a range of secondary schools.

Empower your child and you

We provide information needed to make the very best decisions on your child's schooling. Your child is taught a range of tailored techniques and strategies that will make learning more enjoyable and more effective. 


Following your consultation with your tutor and your child’s assessment, your tutor will be able to recommend a lesson length that is appropriate for your child’s individual needs.

Our groups facilitate a mix of individual attention and independent learning.


Children need more than just subject knowledge to ace an exam; therefore, as well as teaching the core material and giving homework, we teach exam technique, problem-solving, build confidence and speed.

Our expert knowledge (over 20 years!) and specialist understanding of the CSSE, CEM and Private School entrance exams enables your child to receive exceptional guidance. We will fully prepare them in all the key subjects required, alongside teaching exam techniques and study skills.


Drawing on our proven record of success, we have developed a rigorous system to give your child the best opportunity in achieving stellar results in their 11+ exam. Our system develops your child's academic ability, assertiveness and maturity, ensuring that they are able to go into their exams feeling calm and confident.


​Your child’s education will be developed by the Totus programme of books and learning materials. Each of these books have been specifically designed to incorporate the many different question styles included in the CSSE & CEM exams. As a Totus student, your child will have access to material you simply will not find elsewhere.


Due to the current pandemic, we are only offering online tuition for the month of December. We hope to re-open our face-to-face centres in the New Year - subscribe to our emails to keep updated! Our prices as of January 2021 are as follows:


Face-to-Face Tuition:

£60 for 2 hours



Year 5 Online : 

£60 for 2 hours


Years 4 Online:

£50 for 1.5 hours 

We can decide which days and times you will attend after we have completed your child's assessment.


One of the best ways to ensure your child's English skills are always improving and developing is to encourage them to read as much as possible.


We have put together a recommended reading list for you to help decide which book your child should take on next!

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