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Let's clear up the confusion!

Kid Creativity Education Concept, Child

As the format between CEM and CSSE is different, it is important to access as many, if not all, of the courses we offer.

This will give your child the optimal chance of success. 

It is a proven fact that those children who attended the majority of our courses had a higher level of success in the exam. 

Click the link below to see the full course schedule!


The CEM exam consists of 2 tests, both tests take approximately 45 minutes. Instructions are given on a pre-recorded CD. Key things to remember are:

1) Each section of the exam has its own time limit that changes from year to year. Once your time limit is up, you must turn over! You are not allowed to go back to that section again.

2) You do not go onto another section until you are told to do so by the CD. If you do not follow this instruction, your paper may be disqualified.

3) CEM exams are designed to be packed with questions. The majority of students will not finish every section, most students sitting the exam will struggle with the time limit.

4) Answers are completed on a multiple choice answer sheet which is read by a computer - answers are not written traditionally on the question paper.

There are no past papers released for the CEM exam so you cannot see any previous tests. We create all of our Mock papers based on years of experience to give you the most
accurate exam possible and valuable practice in the CEM format.

The CEM is taken to get into Chelmsford County High School for Girls, Woodford County High School for Girls, Bexley and Henrietta Barnett.

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